Our Philosophy

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We believe in transforming lives through our Charlotte family chiropractic office. In virtually all skilled fields, there is a very direct relationship between a practitioner’s degree of precision and their level of skill. In chiropractic care, this is no exception. Here in Charlotte, our family chiropractic office delivers precision chiropractic and spinal care that outdoes our competition. A golfer swinging a golf club, a pharmacist compounding a drug, a quarterback throwing a ball, a heart surgeon removing a clot, an engineer designing an airplane. Unfortunately, all too often, this same degree of precision in delivering a proper spinal adjustment seems to have become a lost art within the chiropractic profession.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor who will help you lose weight, balance your chakra’s, offer advice on immunizations, or even a chiropractor that just pushes down on random sore spots along your spine without a detailed study, we are not the right office for you.

Our focus is to simply deliver a highly precise and effective chiropractic adjustment that is individualized and specific for the person in front of us.  It may sound simplistic but this approach has allowed us to help countless individuals, young and old, with a history of chronic and severe pain, who had experienced no lasting relief with previous therapies including PT, acupuncture, chiropractic care and even surgery.


Ready To Give Chiropractic A Chance?

If you haven’t completely given up hope, and are still 100% committed to regaining your quality of life, give our Charlotte family chiropractic office a call for a free spinal care phone consultation. We are good at what we do, we are honest, and we care.

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