Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

Even with advances in modern medicine, the medical community at large has limited understanding of the spine, and how to deal with lower back pain. The traditional course of care in dealing with chronic or severe lower back pain back mainly includes:

  • Anti inflammatory pain medications

  • Physical therapy and home exercises

  • Opioids and surgery as a last resort

Unfortunately, these methods of treatment frequently offer no relief, short term relief, or in some cases, exacerbate the lower back pain. The biggest fundamental flaw in such treatment methods is that researchers are not taking into consideration the importance of proper alignment. Proper alignment means proper evenly dispersed pressure across the joint surface. Misalignment means abnormal pressure on the surface of a joint. Inflammation inevitably will ensue, and the longer the joint goes uncorrected, the more the patient will experience degenerative changes in the corresponding area.

Lower back pain, in the vast majority of cases has two commonalities.

  1. Abnormal pressure on a joint caused by a misalignment is present.

  2. In order to protect and stabilize that joint, the body will ‘splint’ the area (the surrounding muscles contract to stop the area from moving), which causes a loss in proper joint function.

The above two processes usually start off without symptoms. Not until later will the patient have degenerative changes, which leads to a corresponding diagnosis. In this case, the diagnosis is not being placed on the cause, but on the effect! Unfortunately, this leads to treatment during the later stages of back pain, when treatment is more difficult. Therefore, if you’re suffering with lower back pain, come see us at Dhillon Chiropractic immediately so we can address the cause, and not the effect.

Heather Dhillon