In today’s technology dependent world, the demands placed on the body are not only different than in decades past, but also far more common as a side effect of more people having desk and computer related jobs. With help from our Charlotte family chiropractor and team at Dhillon Chiro, you and your family can get the spine and joint pain treatment you deserve.

Movement is a critical component of health. For the average person, there is far less movement today than there was in previous generations. For kids, playing outside is all too often replaced with playing on a computer or X-Box, or even doing hours of homework.

Spinal discs and joints are unique in that in the absence of movement, they do NOT get adequate blood supply to stay healthy on their own. They require movement to ‘pump’ blood (nutrition) into the discs/joints, while simultaneously removing the waste.

In the period of just a few decades, we have gone from relying a great deal on our bodies physically to only moving a fraction of what our forefathers did. This will affect our health in a profound way, as diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer are all on the rise. Adequate exercise, proper ergonomics and diet, as well as managing stress are keys to health going forward. When you need spine and joint pain treatment, our Charlotte family chiropractor at Dhillon Chiro is ready to get you feeling like normal.

As mentioned above, motion is a critical component to normal joint health. When a joint moves enough it’s healthy. When it moves to little, the joint will age rapidly. Joints that age rapidly as can have a dramatic and often overlooked effect on a person's quality of life. While this lack of motion can be addressed through exercise, sometimes what happens is the spine starts to adapt to the strains of a job, such as a change in posture. This change in posture causes a joint to hold abnormal pressure. The patient will start to notice chronic muscle tension in the same area as the body recruits muscles to hold the joint in place.

Our Charlotte family chiropractor plays a key role in combating some of the unhealthy aspects of modern day life, including spine and joint pain.Through a thorough history and exam, the exact offending joint can be pinpointed. With a precise spinal correction, the process of restoring normal motion can start almost immediately. The patient will note that annoying muscle tension diminishes right after a chiropractic adjustment. Patients will also often notice that they feel like they can easily stand up straight and hold themselves in a normal posture without conscious effort.

Having a good family chiropractor in Charlotte is a key part of a family’s healthcare team. Specializing in spine and joint pain treatment, Dhillon Chiropractic offers the best family chiropractic care at a great rate. From kids growing up with normal posture and spinal health, to parents and grandparents looking to maintain their quality of life, our office makes a dramatic difference the health of the whole family.