Participating in athletic endeavors can place unique strains on not only the spine and pelvis, but also on any of the joints of the body. Athletes test the limits of their bodies, and repetitive strain from both playing and practicing can compromise how those joints function. For instance, a golfer is constantly twisting his or her body. Not only does the golfer strain the joints in the spine and pelvis, the golfer also strains the joints in the legs and arms. Our Charlotte sports chiropractor can not only adjust the spine, but he  can also adjust the pelvis and all of the joints in the body to help with lower back and neck pain. Here at Dhillon Chiropractic, we customize our sport chiropractic treatments to the unique demands of an individual patient’s sport of choice.

Whether we are treating a weekend warrior athlete with lower back pain, or high level pro athlete with neck pain, our Charlotte sports chiropractor at Dhillon Chiropractic understands everyone is looking to play their best, and enjoy their sport. The joints of the human body are crucial for not only feeling good, but also playing to the best of one’s abilities. A runner will struggle if their ankle, knee or hip is compromised. A golfer with back problems will struggle at each game. A quarterback with a bad shoulder is going to struggle with each ball he throws.

Many athletes don’t realize how much a properly trained sports chiropractor can help them overcome injuries, and play to their potential. Dr, Syd, our Charlotte sports chiropractor who specializes in lower pain and neck pain treatment, has extensive post graduate training in not just adjusting the spine, but also all of the extremity joints. As a former hockey player, sports is what inspired Dr. Syd to pursue a career as a chiropractor.